Friday, April 1, 2011

Earthquake and things

Everybody knows about the terrible earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan March 11th.  I literally jumped out of bed that day and was glued to social networks waiting to hear from friends.  Thankfully, all of my friends where ok but I was a complete wreck that horrible day.  My heart goes out to all of the Japanese people during this terrible time, though I know they will be able to work through it and overcome it.  I also feel terrible for all of the exchange students that had their trip canceled.  I understand it had to be, but what a horrible feeling waiting only a couple more days then having your hopes completely dashed (sorry if you are reading this).
 ANYWAYS, I have heard back from three of the companies I sent letters out too.  Microsoft, Delta Airlines, and Walmart.  They all sent a wonderful letter sincerely declining my request for money for my trip.  I expected that response and was happy that they at least replied back (I have yet to hear back from about....20 more companies).  I continue to sell things and am trying to get a summer job.  There is a Pizza Hut nearby that I am applying for along with as many other places as I can.  I also continue to apply for scholarships.
That is pretty much it for now.  March has been a mostly terrible month for me but on the plus side I got TV Japan for free for a couple weeks.  I wasn't able to understand most of what they said but my proficiency increased slightly!  It was fun watching the news in Japanese. J